Contributors must agree to grant to the editorial board the rights as license to the intellectual property in the paper submitted.

All papers submitted should be of font type times new roman, font size 10, single-spaced and in duplicate on a4 sized paper. Submissions are to be made to the editor before every 30 May and 30 November. There should be a margin of 25mm on all sides of the papers.

A soft copy of the papers can be submitted via

  1. Journal of Engineering and Technological Advances

  2. Asia Pacific Journal of Business, Humanities and Education

  3. Asia Pacific Journal of Health Sciences & Research

The paper should not exceed twenty (20) pages, inclusive of graphs, figures, tables, charts and bibliography. The board has the sole discretion to accept or reject the paper without assigning any reason whatsoever. The board also reserves the right to have the paper reviewed by a third party as well as to edit it in any manner deemed fit.


The title of the paper should be brief. An abstract, not exceeding two hundred (200) words, which is the summary of the scope and principal findings contained in the paper, must be included.

Papers done in a collaborative effort must include the names and addresses of all the authors in full, with the main author's name appearing first. All correspondences will be directed to the main author.

All graphs, figures, tables, charts, etc are to be submitted preferably as attachments.

Instructions on Referencing
  1. When reference is made to a paper in a journal, the volume number must be bold. (i.j.rasiah, b.c.tan and h.w.lee, appl. Opt. 30 (4), 485 (1991)

  2. For book references, the name of the book must be in italics.(h.r.griem, plasma spectroscopy, mcgraw hill, new york (1964)

  3. When referring to a paper in a contribution volume, the volume must be in italics.(b.c.tan, 'science and technology in industrial development in malaysia" in physics and industry, ed. E.maruyama and h,watanabe, proceedings iupap, springer-verlag (1993) pp. 71- 92)