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The Impact of Knowledge Management Infrastructure and Process on University Performance
Author : Faria Rabbi, Dr.GholamReza Zandi, Muhammad Farrukh
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The major purpose of this conceptual paper is to integrate the viewpoints of different researchers about Knowledge management infrastructure, process and university performance. After an in-depth study of literature, we concluded that with proper attention towards knowledge management infrastructure, knowledge management processes and technology, universities can outperform their competitors. Initially the research was conducted by the use of Google scholar search engine with the keywords of “Knowledge management infrastructure”, “Knowledge management process” and “University performance” to understand the basic interpretation of vital terminologies. Furthermore, different research papers were searched and collected by using the same key words from Emerald, Science Direct, J-store and EBSCO hosts and a detail review was done of each paper. Approximately 110 papers were downloaded initially, and the most appropriate research papers for this conceptual paper were shortlisted. In order to be among the top performers in this era of information, universities should accept, adopt and consistently foster their knowledge management practices. Universities have to provide a platform for the knowledge management practices by developing the culture and motivating the human element. Once the platform is created, knowledge acquisition, storage and application becomes inevitable. Technology leads the way towards achieving the higher overall performance in the utilization of knowledge management practices.
Authors(s) Affiliations
Institute of Graduate Studies and Graduate School of Business, SEGi University