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Effects of 10 minutes Opened-Loop Vergence training on accommodation parameters
Author : Azam N. Hazman, Faudziah AbdManan
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Monocular pencil push-up training (PPT), is usually prescribed to improve accommodation abilities monocularly, such as in accommodation weakness and unequal accommodation conditions. This study investigated the 10 minutes effects of the monocular PPT exercise, as opened-loop vergence training, on the accommodation parameters. Ten normal young adults with a mean age of 23.3 ± 1.0 years participated in this study. Four components of accommodation were tested. They were the amplitude of accommodation (AA), the accommodative response, the accommodative facility and the relative accommodation. The baseline data were conducted prior to the PPT, and were assessed again, immediately after the PPT was performed for 10 minutes on the right eye. The results showed that the 10 minutes of monocular PPT significantly changed the AA with the RE AA increasing from 11.10 D to 12.80 D (F(1, 9) = 11.13; p = .009), LE increased from 11.48 D to 13.74 D (F(1, 9) = 9.93 ; p = .014) and binocular AA from 13.10 D to 14.73 D (F(1, 9) = 8.81; p = .016). No significant changes were found on the other accommodation parameters. This study concluded that the 10 minutes of monocular PPT had changed the AA monocularly and binocularly but not the other accommodation parameters. It showed that the monocular PPT is effective as a therapy for accommodation insufficiency problems, with close monitoring of the patient's progress to avoid possible induction of accommodation spasm or convergence excess.
Authors(s) Affiliations
Faculty of Optometry & Vision Sciences, SEGi University and Optometry & Vision Sciences Program, Faculty of Health Sciences, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia